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  1. Suleyman
    Suleyman / 2-21-2016 / ·

    carmel, YES YES YES! i am! i love it too….you are sweet. :)ariane, the mother heart ineded. you have some very homy christmas pictures at your place today. wishing you a fantastic time. love!patrice, het is wel bijzonder naar fijf jaaren weer kerst vieren met de familie. fijn! wens je mooie dagen lieve patrice.saphia-resa, thank you! by now the snow really melted, it will be green and shriveled after all. but, ineded also beautiful.rachel, i felt the same, only finding the trace of some hare who jumped by. but by now the clouds are gone anyhow…i guess tomorrow will be green and wet. merel, ja toch?! vind ik suger gaaf! lachen! en was zo blij met spinvis, nu aan het luisteren, dankje! iris, dankje wel en heel fijne kerst ook voor jou! elianne, zeker, maar nu wordt het nat en grijs. 🙂 oh well!

    1. Lenna
      Lenna / 5-7-2016 / ·

      saying “that argument is wrong” does not make it so. The natural extension of your argument is the public officials cannot ever have an opinion in their personal time of any kind, and I would argue that is riisucloud.

  2. Giena
    Giena / 2-21-2016 / ·

    Me, too…dear Sara,my mother’s heart chrees when you are at home in Sweden. At Christmas… with snow… and wonderful delight. Chris Rea ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ in my ears.The first pic is my favorite… its a perfect image for HOME.Merry Christmas…LOVE,Ariane.

    1. Maggie
      Maggie / 5-7-2016 / ·

      I've read 7 out of my 9 so far and have the last two books ready for the big endyof–ear push. I'd happily participate again. Hmmm – maybe add a nonfiction classic?

  3. Mariana
    Mariana / 2-21-2016 / ·

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    1. Beyonce
      Beyonce / 5-7-2016 / ·

      Incredible Juli! I found the same effect of having this piece stretch a smile right across my face, and I appreciate the results of your project here – all the research and work you have put into this cotpmsioion have really paid off, with the end result being an amazing and glorious sound bearing witness to the power of His name.

  4. Madiha
    Madiha / 2-21-2016 / ·

    Dites, Corine, il semble se dnssieer une tendance sur BigPic pour 2008 ? An event a day ? J pourrais vous demander ? Si vous vouliez me de9voiler (en prive9, par voie de courriel) les the8mes des prochaines notes au programme, disons 15 jours e0 l avance ? c7a me permettrait de me mettre un peu au parfum et de pouvoir tenter de faire un peu la conversation avec ces e9rudits de votre blog Sinon, je suis habitue9e de ne pas faire bonne figure, c est pas e7a, mais c est que je sens bien que je ne retire pas le profit qu il y aurait e0 tirer en les lisant (les e9rudits), puisque je suis pas pre9pare9e

  5. Stella
    Stella / 5-6-2016 / ·

    I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exmertely easy for me!

  6. Cheyenne
    Cheyenne / 5-6-2016 / ·

    This “free sharing” of inatmrfoion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  7. Eve
    Eve / 5-6-2016 / ·

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  8. Ellie
    Ellie / 5-7-2016 / ·

    I’ve been following for awhile and this is my first comment. I applaud your ability to clearly explain even the most mundane topics, and make them a joy to read. You are a master wois-dmrth!

  9. Johnie
    Johnie / 5-7-2016 / ·

    Ils ont l'air delicieux! J&e;i3aim#ra9s beaucoup en faire mais je ne possede pas de four a chaleur ventilee, juste un four traditionnel. A quel thermostat et combien de temps dois-je les cuire selon vous?Merci d'avance de votre reponse.

  10. Susie
    Susie / 5-7-2016 / ·

    I’m with you….I have a total potty mouth but I try very hard not to swear in front of other pe1p8e&#l2o7;s kids and I would never swear at a nursery!!! x

  11. Tangela
    Tangela / 5-7-2016 / ·

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